Hello everyone!! We have officially been posting for a year on this blog… there’s been some rough patches where it’s been difficult for us to post, but we’re working on that… We’re also trying to working on putting new things on so stay tuned. Feel free to comment some of the things you did, we’ll interact with you! Also, you may notice this is going up earlier, we’re putting this up early so you can plan the first few days of the month ahead of time. Enjoy!

April 2017

  1. April Fool’s Day! Play some harmless jokes/pranks
  2. National Reconciliation Day! 👭 Reconcile with someone today
  3. Baseball Opening Day! ⚾️ Celebrate baseball in some way… Maybe watching a baseball game or sporting your favorite team’s gear! Go Tigers! 🐾
  4. National Chicken Corden Blue Day! Eat some Chicken Corden Blue
  5. National Walking Day! 🚶 Walk more than you normally would today… maybe go on a walk
  6. National Student-Athlete Day! Encourage a student athlete you know!
  7. Beaver Day! Look up a fun fact about beavers… and comment down below what you found!
  8. National Empanada Day! Enjoy an empanada today!
  9. National Name Yourself Day! 💁 What name would you choose to have as your own from the bible?
  10. National Farm Animals Day! 🐖🐓 What’s your favorite farm animal? Post it in the comments below!
  11. National Cheese Fondue Day! Have cheese fondue today!
  12. National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! Enjoy some grilled cheese today… maybe with some tomato soup
  13. Meg’s 20th Birthday! 🎉 Tell her Happy Birthday in the Comments!
  14. National Pecan Day! Eat some pecans today, they’re good for you!
  15. National Rubber Eraser Day! Use a rubber eraser today
  16. Easter! Read the Easter story and remember what Christ did for us
  17. National Cheeseball Day! Enjoy a cheeseball today
  18. Piñata Day! Break a piñata with friend!
  19. Hanging Out Day! Hang out with your friends and don’t use your phone!
  20. National High Five Day! 🙏 Exchange high fives at least 5 times today
  21. National Chocolate Cashews Day! Eat chocolate cashews
  22. National Earth Day! 🌎 Enjoy some time outside today!
  23. National Picnic Day! Take a picnic and read your favorite Bible Story
  24. Teach Your Children to Save Day! Save up money to buy something-for a whole month!
  25. National Zucchini Bread Day! Eat some zucchini bread
  26. National Audubon Day! Do some birdwatching today
  27. National Tell a Story Day! Tell a story to little cousins, kids, nieces or nephews – some children, today
  28. National Blueberry Pie Day! Enjoy some blueberry pie today… maybe with some ice cream!
  29. National Zipper Day! Wear clothing with zippers
  30. National Honesty Day! Read some verses about honesty today!