I know I skipped a couple of busy months, here’s February!  Comment what you did for some of the days in the comments section.

  1. National Get Up Day – Tell someone (or comment below) a story of perseverance from your life
  2. National Groundhog Day – Watch the movie Groundhog Day
  3. National Carrot Cake Day – Enjoy carrot cake today!
  4. National Homemade Soup Day 🍲 – Eat some homemade soup!
  5. National Weatherperson’s Day ☀️ – Research about weather in the bible
  6. National Frozen Yogurt Day – Enjoy some frozen yogurt!
  7. National Send a Card to a Friend Day 📬 – Send a card to a friend (preferably someone who’s not your best friend) and show appreciation for them
  8. National Kite Flying Day – 🎵 Let’s go fly a kite 🎶 if the weather is appropriate
  9. National Bagel Day – Eat a bagel today! Let us know what your favorite way to eat a bagel is
  10. National Cream Cheese Brownie Day – Make some cream cheese brownies and enjoy them!
  11. National White Shirt Day – Try tie-dyeing a white shirt!
  12. Lost Penny Day – Donate all your pennies to an organization, charity, or someone in need
  13. National Tortellini Day – Eat some tortellini today!
  14. National Donor Day – Say thank you to someone who has donated an organ, blood, plasma, marrow, or tissue (or bring awareness to donating on social media)
  15. Singles Awareness Day – Encourage someone you know who is single (don’t encourage them to go out with someone, but rather, in their singleness… is that a word?)
  16. National Almond Day – Enjoy some almonds today… they’re good for you!
  17. National Random Acts of Kindness Day – Do 3 acts of kindness for people who wouldn’t expect it
  18. National Battery Day 🔋 – Don’t use anything that uses batteries – today only
  19. International Tug-of-war Day – Read about the battle in the Bible you find most inspiring
  20. Handcuff Day 👮 – Write a thank you note to a police officer in your city
  21. National Sticky Bun Day – Try a sticky bun today!
  22. Inconvenience Yourself Day – Go out of your way to do things for people… even if it inconveniences you
  23. National Banana Bread Day 🍞 – Eat some banana bread today! (It’s really good with butter)
  24. National Tortilla Chip Day – Enjoy some tortilla chips with your favorite dip!
  25. National Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day – Eat some chocolate-covered peanuts!
  26. Personal Chef Day – Read Genesis 40 about Pharaoh’s baker and cup bearer
  27. National Polar Bear Day – Go to the zoo to visit polar bears
  28. National Floral Design Day 🌸 – Give some flowers to someone special