Because this post isn’t up at the beginning of the month I will start from today.

19. Raspberry Cake Day 🍰 – Enjoy some raspberry cake today!

20. National Lollipop Day 🍭 – Enjoy a lollipop today!

21. National Junk Food Day – Take a break from eating healthy ~ for 1 day only!

22. National Hammock Day – Relax in a hammock

23. National Vanilla Ice Cream Day 🍦- Enjoy some plain vanilla ice cream today!

24. National Drive-thru Day – Pay it forward in the drive-thru

25. National Hot Fudge Sundae Day – Enjoy a hot fudge sundae today!

26. National Aunt and Uncle Day 👫 – Spend some time with as many aunts and uncles as you can today

27. National Creme Brûlée Day – Try some creme brûlée today!

28. National Chili Dog Day – Eat a chili dog today!

29. International Tiger Day 🐯 – Go to the zoo and visit the tigers

30. National Cheesecake Day – Enjoy a piece ~ or two ~ of cheesecake today!

31. National Uncommon Instrument Day 🎶 – Find a passage in the Bible about the “lute”