We both grew up attending camp every summer.  For both of us, this was a big part of our Christian walk and we highly recommend it to any age.

The first camp we would like to inform you about is a camp called Lake Ann Camp.

This camp is the camp Meg grew up attending this camp every summer she was able to.  According to their blog, in 2013 they had students from ten countries and 26 states.  Lake Ann has anything from couples retreats to women retreats to winter weekend camps to summer camps.  The summer camp program is broken up into age groups. For example, Junior camp is for children going into 4th and 5th grade, Jump Start is for just children going into 6th grade, Junior High for 7th and 8th graders, Fresh Start for just 9th grade, Senior High for 9th through 12th, and Reborne Rangers for 10th through freshman in college – by invitation only.  The last year a student is allowed to attend without the invitation to Reborne Rangers is the summer immediately following their high school graduation.

All the age groups have age appropriate activities they participate in, as well as free time each day and chapel twice a day.  For the free time, they have a lake to swim in and plenty of activities and games to play throughout the camp, as well as a craft building called Handy Craft.  The main place to play games is called the red canoe.  Students can play games, buy snacks and drinks, and souvenirs.  The lake has two different color bands you can wear.  The campers, of all ages, take a swim test.  If they pass, they get one color, and if they don’t they get another color and have to wear a life jacket.  Campers can choose to not take the test if they wish.  There are lifeguards on duty as well as nurses on duty.  The nurses take care of all medication needs.

The camp week runs from Monday morning to Saturday afternoon.  The nighttime chapel on Friday is a combined chapel for all grades and has a bonfire at the end where students can share what God has done in their lives if they choose.  All grades stay on the camp for most activities except Fresh Start.  Fresh Start goes on a three day rafting trip.  They camp in tents nearby and raft the river by day.  The 9th grade students can choose to attend Senior High camp instead, but are highly encouraged to attend Fresh Camp.  I loved every year of camp.  The kids are all really friendly and love the experience.  You can check out www.lakeanncamp.com for more information.

We will be posting information about other camps and retreats as well.