Comment down below what you did on these days! We’d love to hear from you! 

  1. April Fool’s Day! Play a harmless trick on someone
  2. National PB&J Day! Try grilled PB&J
  3. National Find a Rainbow Day! 🌈 Read about Noah’s Ark – Genesis 6:13-9:17
  4. National Walk Around Things Day! Walk around your chair once every time you sit
  5. National Caramel Day! Enjoy a caramel sundae
  6. National Tartan Day! Wear plaid today
  7. World Health Day! Eat an apple
  8. National Zoo Lovers Day! Visit a zoo!
  9. National Name Yourself Day! Give yourself a new name for the day
  10. National Sibling Day! 👭 Read your favorite Bible story with a sibling
  11. National Pet Day! Spend some quality time with your pet(s)
  12. National Library Workers Day! Do a random act of kindness for a librarian
  13. Meg’s Birthday! 🎉 Wish Meg Happy Birthday!
  14. National Dolphin Day! 🐬 Learn one cool thing about a dolphin and comment below!
  15. National Take a Wild Guess Day! Take a guess at school, even if you don’t know if it’s right!
  16. National Orchid Day! Buy your mom an orchid
  17. National Haiku Day! Write a Haiku about God
  18. National Animal Crackers Day! Share some animal crackers with a friend
  19. Bicycle Day! 🚴🏻 Ride a bike
  20. Banana Day! 🍌 Enjoy a banana or some banana cream pie
  21. National High Five Day! Give a high five to your favorite teacher
  22. National Earth Day! 🌎 Take a walk with your family
  23. National Talk Like Shakespeare Day! Talk like Shakespeare all day
  24. National Pigs in a Blanket Day! Have pigs in a blanket for supper and read Matthew 8:28-34
  25. National Telephone Day! ☎️ Call your grandma or a family member you don’t talk to very often
  26. National Pretzel Day! Enjoy some pretzels or a soft pretzel
  27. National Administrative Professionals Day! Do something kind for a secretary!
  28. Take your Child to Work Day! Go to work with a parent if you are able
  29. National Teach Children to Save Day! 💰 Make a savings plan or save for something big! (Like college, your parents will thank you 😉)
  30. International Jazz Day! Play some jazz softly during dinner