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April 2016

Camp News!

We both grew up attending camp every summer.  For both of us, this was a big part of our Christian walk and we highly recommend it to any age.

The first camp we would like to inform you about is a camp called Lake Ann Camp.

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About us

We are Karen and Meg.  Karen grew up on a farm in Gobles, MI.  Karen enjoyed participating in concert band and marching band throughout high school.  She attended college at Grand Rapids Baptist College in Grand Rapids, MI, which is now known as Cornerstone University.  

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Fun Calendar – April


Comment down below what you did on these days! We’d love to hear from you! 

  1. April Fool’s Day! Play a harmless trick on someone
  2. National PB&J Day! Try grilled PB&J
  3. National Find a Rainbow Day! 🌈 Read about Noah’s Ark – Genesis 6:13-9:17
  4. National Walk Around Things Day! Walk around your chair once every time you sit
  5. National Caramel Day! Enjoy a caramel sundae
  6. National Tartan Day! Wear plaid today
  7. World Health Day! Eat an apple
  8. National Zoo Lovers Day! Visit a zoo!
  9. National Name Yourself Day! Give yourself a new name for the day
  10. National Sibling Day! 👭 Read your favorite Bible story with a sibling
  11. National Pet Day! Spend some quality time with your pet(s)
  12. National Library Workers Day! Do a random act of kindness for a librarian
  13. Meg’s Birthday! 🎉 Wish Meg Happy Birthday!
  14. National Dolphin Day! 🐬 Learn one cool thing about a dolphin and comment below!
  15. National Take a Wild Guess Day! Take a guess at school, even if you don’t know if it’s right!
  16. National Orchid Day! Buy your mom an orchid
  17. National Haiku Day! Write a Haiku about God
  18. National Animal Crackers Day! Share some animal crackers with a friend
  19. Bicycle Day! 🚴🏻 Ride a bike
  20. Banana Day! 🍌 Enjoy a banana or some banana cream pie
  21. National High Five Day! Give a high five to your favorite teacher
  22. National Earth Day! 🌎 Take a walk with your family
  23. National Talk Like Shakespeare Day! Talk like Shakespeare all day
  24. National Pigs in a Blanket Day! Have pigs in a blanket for supper and read Matthew 8:28-34
  25. National Telephone Day! ☎️ Call your grandma or a family member you don’t talk to very often
  26. National Pretzel Day! Enjoy some pretzels or a soft pretzel
  27. National Administrative Professionals Day! Do something kind for a secretary!
  28. Take your Child to Work Day! Go to work with a parent if you are able
  29. National Teach Children to Save Day! 💰 Make a savings plan or save for something big! (Like college, your parents will thank you 😉)
  30. International Jazz Day! Play some jazz softly during dinner

An introduction to us and our blog!!

Hi!  We are so excited that you are reading our blog!!  This is a new experience for us, and we are really passionate about this opportunity God has given us to start a blog.  As this is our very first post, we want to introduce ourselves to you and tell a little background about what we hope to accomplish with Beauty from Ashes.

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